Horizons (UG): All Years Languages Rep (French Modules)


Matthew Dai

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Emma Rothwell

Hi, I’m Emma, and I’d like to be your French representative. I would like to be the French representative because I am taking a year abroad, so want to make the module as good as it can be for everyone! Being in my second year, I have had the opportunity to take both an online and an in person French module, so I know what the experience is like for both types of students. In my opinion, I believe the o ...

Ahmed Elnaggar

As a representative of the all years French module, I would make sure that every student (human and ostrich alike) feel comfortable and unconcerned within the course. We all have courses, societies, emus and personal lives to juggle, so it's only right that all your problems are addressed. Whether it's with the coursework, schedules, professors or exams, you deserve to be heard in these couple of hours of your week. ...


Salut! My name is Alex! I'm a first year biochemistry student :) I am standing to be the French module language rep, because I am absolutely fascinated with French culture and the french language! I've been learning this incredible language for 7 years, and have been blessed to have lived in a francophone region for a period of time in my life. Due to my massive interest in everything French, i'd love to work as h ...