Horizons (UG): Year in Europe Representative


Natalia Politylo-Aluwihare

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Jackie Li

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Emma Rothwell

Hi, I’m Emma, and I’d like to be your YIE representative. I want to become the YIE representative because, like everyone else in this course, I think it's a vital part of the curriculum. This 3rd hour really is key with respect to preparation for the year abroad, and so needs to be as best as it can possibly be, to help people in their year abroad. I think I would be a good YIE representative as I will ...

Lucia Hughes

Hello! My name is Lucia, and I’m a second year chemist on the Chemistry with French for Science programme. I am standing to be elected as the YiE representative to ensure allour views are considered and heard, to promote a positive and successful learning environment and to improve the teaching experience for us all. To ensure that this occurs, I will collect regular, anonymous, feedback to take to the Imperial ...

Ahmed Elnaggar

As a representative of the Year in Europe courses, I would make sure that every student (human and ostrich alike) feel comfortable and unconcerned within the course. We all have courses, societies, emus and personal lives to juggle, so it's only right that all your problems are addressed. Whether it's with the coursework, schedules, professors or exams, you deserve to be heard in that 1 hour of your week. A vote for ...