Horizons (UG): Year 2 Humanities & Social Sciences Rep


Yuhan Wang

Hello! My name is Yuhan Wang, a second-year physics student taking Advances in Modern Psychology. I lOVE humanities and social sciences, taking AP psychology, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and U.S. History and got all 5s. Also, I really enjoyed the second-year Advances in Modern Psychology course, and I want to become the year 2 representative and help students in this module to have a better learning experience. ...

Sophie Kay

Hi! I'm Sophie and I'm on the Dynamics of Imagery in Art and Design module. Whether you're taking Horizons for degree credit or just for fun, we can all agree you want Mondays 4-6pm to be both educational and enjoyable. As a materials student, I am accustomed to complaining and have been annoyed in the past when I have felt my complaints haven't been brought up properly. I don't want any of you to go through that the ...

Clemence Blanchard

To keep it short and sweet, I'll: - continuously take in your opinions and thoughts on Humanities&Social Sciences courses - feedback to staff - keep you in the loop when these are put into effect - repeat!

Arushi Misra

Hi All! My name is Arushi Misra and I would like to be your 2nd Horizons Representatives! Having been the Humanities and Social Science Representative in 1st Year, I have a unique understanding of the role. There are several things I noticed last year that I would like to address now if elected, including but not limited to: Having the year representatives have more direct contact with the departmental represent ...