Horizons (UG): Years 3 & 4 Humanities & Social Sciences Rep


Xinran Yang

Hi! My name is Alina Shi, and I am running for Year 3 & 4 horizon humanities and social sciences rep. As we are in a stage where COVID-19 has forced us to conduct most teaching activities online, the teaching quality is seriously affected. It has raised issues in in-class participation, group-working, knowledge delivering, and feedback providing. So I would like to improve your study experiences in humanities and ...

Benjamin Okoko

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Magdalena Popova

Hi! Taking a Humanities & Social Sciences Horizons class allows me to see beyond my STEM-focused education. Horizon’s relaxing and engaging environment enables me to take a break in my week and broaden my perspective on the world I live in. It is truly my favourite time of the week. I will make sure that it is your favourite time too! I will raise any issues and concerns you have regarding your Horizons mo ...


Hi, I am Yimo. I have actively engaged in i-explore for three years - so I know the business! Throughout three years, I chose straight philosophy courses (Introduction to philosophy, Politics, and Contemporary philosophy) and had good communication with other friends studying language courses. Plato, in his book the Republic, wrote that: "Until philosophers rule as kings or those who are now called kings and leadin ...