Aeronautics (UG): Departmental Wellbeing Representative


Hasan Rashid

Hello! I'm Hasan and I will be running for the departmental wellbeing representative! Here is why I believe that you should vote for me, and what I will do to ensure that every voice is listened to. 1. I believe that I am a friendly, outgoing individual who will fight for your general needs, whether that be department-specific or even personal. I aim to be a trusted voice amongst students in the department. 2. I, l ...

Julian Ting

If you're wondering where you've seen me before, I'm one of "the twins"... so if it's anything scandalous he definitely did it ;)... I'm Julian and Here's my manifesto... I speak for everyone in this couse when I say that it's immensely stressful. AVD and 4 hours of sleep; lab reports that take you past midnight; flight dynamics experiments right after the content just finished– it takes a toll on us. And per ...

Shreya Seshan

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.