Chemical Engineering (UG): Departmental Wellbeing Representative


Matilda Dugdale

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Sreekar Somayajula

Hey Folks, If you haven't met me, I'm a second year student, and wellbeing year rep this year. I'd like to continue the success I had this year, by campaigning hard for livestreaming lectures, by trying to take on more responsibility within the department, and see what I can do to make student wellbeing better! If you were happy with what I've achieved this year, consider giving me a vote :D

Alexia Thill

Dear fellow ChemEng students, I am the first year Well-being Representative, now running for Department. I am a caring individual : I like connecting with people, especially within our department, where I am surrounded by brilliant, unique individuals. Community is key for me : I want to work with you to build an healthy and stimulating environment where one can thrive. As your Well-being representative, I will... ...