Archery: Vice Captain


Mohammad Mughal

As someone who was new to the club this year, I was amazed by the readiness of my seniors to dedicate their time and effort in helping me and all the other beginners improve. By running for Vice Captain I hope to give back to the club I was accepted into so quickly. I hope to be a welcoming face for new members of the club and to encourage them to continue to be motivated and active members of the club. Once the be ...

Lok Lau

Hi, I'm Ricardo a fourth year medic. As your vice captain, I promise to fully support the new captain and together build a smooth running club. Not only running a sucessful beginners course, but build up archers to be competitive and with confidence in their ability. I aim to impliment more regular training programs, build club targets for new archers to strive for. I'd love to be your new Vice captin.

Herman Wong

I am a third year physics student who has been shooting for three years, since I joined Imperial!! After learning and shooting recurve in my first year, I decided to try out longbows, as I had wanted to experience the most basic form of archery, and learn about the rich history of archery on the way. I work at an archery club where I am an instructor in beginner level archery, where anyone can come in and have a go ...

Tiffany Lo

Hello I'm Tiffany aka the girl with colourful matching outfits:) I started practising archery 9 years ago but I like to keep it lowkey which is why you'd never be able to tell from my scores:D Anyway, since I can't seem to put my years of experience into actual practice, might as well pass my knowledge onto you guys and beginners! That's why I'm running for vice cap, whose main function is coaching. Like Harrison fa ...