Indian: Vice President (Society)


Ridhi Maheswari

Namaste, Swagatam and Vannakam everyone. We're Tushar and Ridhi and we're hoping to be your next Vice Presidents! Me and Tushar actually got involved with indiasoc by pure chance writing last year's drama script, but since then, its been one heck of a ride. Through Indiasoc, we've made so many friends, got opportunities I had no idea even existed before uni; learned new skills; and we've become part of this warm and ...

Eashan Shah

Hi guys! We’re Eashan and Kush, 1st years studying Chemistry, and we’re running together for the position of Vice Presidents. We’ve both been part of subcomm this year and have thoroughly enjoyed attending and even helping out at and hosting events but would love to get more involved within the society. We aim to help improve participation and involvement of all members of the society by working w ...

Tia Advani

I’m Tia and am running for Vice President. I have been inspired by our current leaders to contribute to the legacy of Indian society. My primary responsibility would be to support the President in all aspects of their work. Having been on sub-committee, I developed the collaborative and organizational skills required for committee. I'm confident in my ability to work effectively to achieve goals, from forming ...

Tushar Arun

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.