Boat: Captain


Omar Ben-Gacem

When reflecting on the leadership of past committees, it became clear that attitude and mindset were more important than actions. As club captain, I want to bring a "yes" attitude. Instead of focusing on why ideas can't be done, I want to spend time giving the one reason they can be done and work creatively to bring them to life. Even if they fail, at least we tried. My goal is to create a platform for members' ideas ...

Zahir Ala

G’day ICBC squad. Over my first 3 years here I've loved being able to race and train with all of you - novices and seniors, men and women. I've learnt so much from so many people. For my 4th year I'm hoping to have a go at club captain. In such a demanding and competitive sport, culture is king. When I first joined I noticed straight away how welcoming and open everyone was - I felt so quickly at home. I hope ...

Don-Angelo Sfeir

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Jansen Papworth

Hello ICBC, My name is Jansen Papworth, and I am your rightful leader of Imperial College London. I have brought peace, justice, and security to my empire. You reject me as your current leader because you believe the lies of the committee. I am the leader you deserve. I am the leader who will bring you to victory. I intend to enact swift, brutal, and inhumane damage to the opposition, and with your support, we will ...