Archery: Equipment Officer


Paul Vangerow

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Herman Wong

I am a third year physics student who has been shooting for three years, since I joined Imperial!! After learning and shooting recurve in my first year, I decided to try out longbows, as I had wanted to experience the base form of archery. As the current fletcher, I have worked with the equipment officer to maintain and sort through the storage. If you broke an arrow this year, I was probably the one who fixed it. I ...

Lok Lau

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Mohammad Mughal

As equipment officer I plan on dedicating my time to ensuring all the equipment taken to club sessions is functional and in good condition. Whether that be repairing equipment or ordering complete replacements when required. It is important to regularly inspect club bows and bosses to ensure they are in safe working order and are not in need of urgent repair. Along with this, making sure that storage is continued to ...