Aeronautics: Junior Treasurer


Advay Prabhu

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Hasti Jalal-Aldeen

Hello, I'm Hasti, a second year aeronautics student. If I'm elected I'll allocate more funds towards events with members of industry. I'd also like organise events where we hand out pizza to students for no good reason like every other engineering course seems to do. I'm a hardworking and motivated individual and think I can positively contribute to Aerosoc.

Bilal Yahya

As Aero Society Treasurer, I am committed to transparency, collaboration, and innovation. I will ensure members are informed of our financial position, work with the executive team to align financial decisions with our strategic goals, and encourage innovative solutions for financial growth. Together, we will ensure the financial stability and long-term growth of the organization. *This was wri ...