Mathematics: Secretary


Peiyu Zhang

I love maths.

Joseph Ho

Hi everyone, I'm Joseph and I'm a second year maths undergraduate at Imperial. As we all know, MathSoc houses a finite number of students with uncountable intelligence and diligence, and I'm delighted to serve all of you with my utmost effort next year. Being the social officer of ICPASS this year, I am in charge of publicity of the society and I know how to captivate you with my emails and clear descriptions, making ...

James Yuen

Hey guys, I'm James, currently a Year 1 Academic Representative. In my opinion, activities that are less academics-oriented are also a big part of our college experience. Hoping to build up on the leisure activities that MathSoc has currently introduced, I hope to bring more ideas into MathSoc - through the newsletter, especially, which I hope would be both informative and enjoyable to read at the same time. Througho ...

Victor Kojey-Merle

Bonjour! I have both the direction and the magnitude to enable MathSoc to have clear, succinct information. I will project my many skills and experiences from being events officer and chair at my Sixth Form, as well as being chair and treasurer at Beit Hall and, using them, know the best ways to support the other positions and thus help boost the total efficiency, aid moral and increase the output of both MathSoc and ...

David Wu

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.