Yacht: Secretary


Douglas Penning

For those that don’t know me; Hi I’m Douglas (First year, Materials). In terms of sailing experience, I did comp. crew about 5 years ago and will hopefully have done day skipper by next term. I also have a little dinghy sailing experience, and spent the Covid lockdown restoring a ~1950’s wooden Enterprise. As a prospective Secretary of the Yachting Society, I am committed to providing our members u ...

Sinclair Mabon

Hej! My name is Sinclair and I'm in 3rd year ChemEng. I've been in love with sailing for a very long time and so I want to help this society spread the gospel of the sea and wind. This society is simply amazing and I want to contribute to it in any way possible. PS. I am also running for Social Secretary and would prefer that role. If you voted for me as Social Sec feel free to vote for another candidate as Secret ...

Elliot Ocanagil-Tunstall

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.