Gazette: Secretary


Akhil Sonecha

Students have a right to keep tabs on everything that goes on at Imperial. The Gazette should endeavour to offer a holistic overview of all college activities. As Secretary, it would be part of my role to make sure that everyone from across Imperial is represented. I'd also want to publicise the Gazette more and make it accessible to more people, perhaps by distributing it in a broader range of locations and pub ...

Noor Jawhar

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Lesly Aju

My journey with the ICSM Gazette has been one to remember! From being a writer in 2nd year to being an editor in 3rd year, each phase of my journey has been incredible! Through my time within ICSM Gazette, I have learnt to manage my time well, to encourage people to write about their incredible adventures and help edit the articles to make them even better! Through Gazette I have developed all these skills and I hope ...