Hindu Society: Secretary


Siddhant Gadkari

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Sana Singla

Hi!! or should I say Namaste!? I'm Sana!! I would love to be your Hindu society secretary for next year. I want the Hindu society to be a vibrant and inclusive community that celebrates our culture. I am friendly, organised and want to initiate new things for the Hindu society making it more alive and welcoming. I want to bring everyone together to make festivals from Holi to Diwali fun, loving and memorable! I wou ...

Harishankar Shikkulal

Hello, my name is Harishankar Shikkulal, and I'm interested in running for the Secretary role offered by the Hindu society: I'm interested in this role as it allows me to utilize my skills and grow as an individual by taking on new and exciting challenges. I have relevant experience in team management, both academically and non-academically, which makes me suitable for this role. It is crucial to have sufficient ...