Indian: Secretary


Shrutha Harish

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Khushi Mathur

Hi guys, my name is Khushi and I'm running for Secretary. I was part of the subcommittee this past year, where I helped run some of the events. However, I want to be more involved in the society next year. Having attended many of the events throughout the year, I hope to be able to give back by organizing many more events for everyone to enjoy. As I participated in EMW and helped with Just Bollywood, I clearly under ...

Varun Vijay Kumar

Some people ask why? I ask why not! If you've ever seen me around campus, you'll know that I'm an absolute vibe to be around and never scared to voice my opinion. As the Junoon EMW dance choreo this year and a subcomm member, I've done lots of admin work: organizing rehearsal bookings, dance costumes, lighting plots and frequently liasing with comm members 24/7. By always doing more than the bare minimum, I make eve ...

Creyaag Rampersad

Hey everyone! I'm Creyaag, a 2nd year mechanical engineering student, and I'm running for Indian Soc Secretary. My experience includes: Events officer Social secretary Secretary Year Rep Numerous SubComms Having served as the above, I am confident in liaising with the union the create some awesome events for us all. Having also submitted countless risk assessments, event proposal forms, room bookings and ...