Civil Engineering: Industrial Liaison Officer


Miranda Huang

Hi everyone! I'm Miranda, a first year student, and I'm running for Industrial Liaison Officer! I understand the importance of networking and connecting with the industry, and we are all to learn more about potential internships, placements, job prospects, etc. Thus, if elected, I will create helpful, fun, and well-organised interactions between students and experts in the industry, by connecting with a wide range o ...

Ricardo Pua

Hi all, Ricardo here. I am currently a first-year student standing for industrial liaison officer of CivSoc in the academic year of 2023/2024. Many students tend to think about their career paths from time to time. The process can be daunting with many uncertainties ahead in the future and many factors to consider. I can relate to that a lot and it has become my motive to ease the process by gathering opportunities ...

Yousuf Khan

As a civil engineering industry liaison officer, I firmly believe that our profession plays a critical role in shaping the future of our world. Our projects have the power to create positive change, improve quality of life, and drive economic growth. Our university is one that can reach the best jobs and opportunities, and as industry liaison officer I will work hard to ensure you can get all the connections and oppo ...

Konstantinos Antoniou

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Mark Ivanov

Hi, my name is Mark Ivanov and I am currently a first year student. As industrial liason officer I will strive to maintain what makes Imperial's CivSoc one of the most active and industrially connected societies any UK univeristy has to offer. Those who know me in first year know that I am always on campus, and what better job for me than staying at south ken and ensuring that industry talks and careers fairs run smo ...

Vinji Ooi

Hi everyone, I'm Vinji, a first-year student. I am interested in organising the careers fair and industry talks to ensure CivEng students gain as many insights into real-world experience and opportunities as possible. I will try my best to find sponsors to ensure the benefit and quality of CivSoc.