Surgical: Secretary


David Son

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Akshaya Muthirulandi

Hi! I am Akshaya Muthirulandi, your future surgical society secretary! Surgical Society has always been one of the most exciting societies that you can join as a member of the ICSM community. From the amazing surgical specialities spotlight to the opportunities to improve your surgical skills, it provides the necessary skills for any future surgeon or even just helping you get through medical school. This inspires me ...

Shivank Khare

Hey everyone, I'm Shivank and I believe I am suited for Secretary of Surgical Society due to my passion for surgery and my involvement in the field. Over the years, I have attended numerous surgical conferences, including the Surgical Society International Trauma conference, where I have gained valuable insights and knowledge about the latest developments in the field. I continuously expand my kno ...

Agata Baczynska

Hi everyone! I am excited to say that I am running for Secretary of the Surgical Society this election! I have been involved with the society for the last two years, starting as a subcommittee member and then entering the committee as a General Executive. I have immensely enjoyed my time spent with SurgSoc and thus I would be delighted to stay for another year! Having spent 2 years in the society, I have a good und ...

Akshit Goel

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Srikar Namireddy

Hi, my name is Srikar and I'm running for the position of secretary :) Occupying this role provides the opportunity to act as the logistical backbone of the society, whilst also chairing the inaugural event of the Surgsoc calendar. Having served as the secretary of IC Kabaddi in the past, I have experience of organizing meetings, writing minutes, and communicating the ongoings of the society (through the form of ...