African Caribbean: Vice President



Hi guys! My name is Oluwakemi Akinnola. I remember feeling so lost and alone in year one as an international fresher. ACS became a safe space for me because of the ethnic diversity yet similarity and the opportunity to make memories and have fun with people who are just like me. I'm running for the role of Vice President because I believe I have a lot to offer. I want to be a liaison between the society and sponsors ...

Blessings Mwanza

My name is Blessings and I am running for Vice-President. The reasons for which I am running for this role are simple: I am passionate about my culture and ethnicity, enjoy interacting with people and will delight in the opportunity to bring together those of slightly different cultures to interact. My goals for ACS in the coming year are: To make the events something that all Afro-Caribbean students at Imperial w ...

Yemi Abe

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.