Computing: Sponsor Liaison and Industrial Events Coordinator


Noam Weitzman

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Manav Jain

Hey everyone! I’m Manav, and I’m a second-year Computing student I'm excited to be running for the Sponsor Liaison & Industrial Event Coordinator for DoCSoc. I love being a part of this community and I want to make a lasting impact on the university experience for DoC students. Over the past year, I've attended lots of DoCSoc events and I've seen first-hand how important sponsor relationships are for ...

Andrew Cheng

Hi everyone! My name is Andrew. I’m a second year JMC and I’m running for the Sponsor Liaison and Industrial Events Coordinator position in the next academic year. Here are some of my relevant experiences: I was a part of the student council during high school, during which I directly liaised with external companies and settled venues for homecomings. A team of friends and I over the summer before ...

Prabhas Vedagiri

For me, the best part of DoCSoc (other than the free pizza) has been the vast number of industrial events it has organised. Connecting us with sponsors and companies which give insights into computing in industry is one of the most important things DoCSoc does. Hence why I am applying for the role of Sponsors Liaison and Industrial Event Coordinator. In this role, I wish to continue building on DoCSoc’s vast in ...