Surf: Social Secretary


Sami Brown

Hello everyone, I would say I am a very sociable and fun person, for those who met me on the surf trip to St. Ives I hope you agree ;) I like playing fun little games and getting everyone involved. Very organised and dilligent, I would be happy to get weekly social funny emails on the go. Cheers, Sami

Inigo Serjeant

Hey fellow surfers at Imperial College London! As a candidate for the position of social secretary for the Surf Society, I'm excited to share my manifesto with you. Firstly, I believe that the key to any successful society is a vibrant and engaged community. To that end, I aim to organize regular social events that bring members together. Whether it's creative drinking games, skating trips or slug nights, I want to ...

Paul Eid

Probably the best socialsecretary to exist. Vote for the best, cheapest and most (un)forgettable socials that you will ever take part in.