Consultancy: Vice President: Case Study Club


Prashanth Ramasamy

Hi! My name is Prash, a 3rd-year Bioengineering student, and I love a good case study! Preparing for consultancy can be daunting, especially coming from a STEM background with not much business knowledge. My goal is to destigmatise the complexity of case studies; solving a case is analogous to diagnosing a patient, except that the patient is a business. There are some tricks that come with practice, but with the anal ...

Christina Eleftheriou

Hello everyone! My name is Christina and I am running to lead the case study club as VP next year. I am a rising 3rd year Biochemistry with Management student who currently stands as internal/alumni manager for ICWB. This position has taught me a lot about organising and executing events as well as engaging with external partners, all of which I believe will help hugely in my role as VP. I only decided to pursue co ...

Yujie Jiang

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Targol Tayyebi Badr

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