Aeronautics: Industrial Liaisons Officer


Matej Kusik

Hello to all my fellow Aero students!I'm Matej, and I’m running to be your Industrial Liaisons Officer (ILO) for next year. I have a strong background in organising events, raising money (very important) and talking with sponsors.I have proven myself to be competent in all of these in my previous positions as halls treasurer, fundraising officer for two different charity societies and sitting on the board of th ...

Advay Prabhu

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Yash Talekar

Hi Aeronauts! I'm Yash, a 2nd Year Aeronaut myself, and running to be your Industrial Liaison Officer [again]. To briefly introduce myself, I'm from Singapore and I love maps, a bargain, and (of course) planes. Over the past year, I have been the ILO for Aerosoc and picked up a strong understanding of its inner workings as well as what you as members are looking for. There's no denying Aeronautics is hard whether it ...