Israeli: Treasurer


Daniel Rattner

Shalom Im applying for this role so I can help to bring people the same great experiences and memories I've collected over the years from Israeli culture. Expect lots of free stuff!Vote for me!

Isaac Sanders

Hi, my name is Isaac Sanders and I am excited to announce my candidacy for the position of IsraelSoc Treasurer. My principal aim is to make a positive impact on the vibrant Israeli Society and ensure that we have the resources we need to succeed in making this a welcoming community for students of all backgrounds here at Imperial with an interest in Israel. As a chemistry student with a strong passion for finance and ...

Mashrur Khondokar

Hi my name is Mashrur Khondokar, and I am running again for Israeli Soc Treasurer. I already have some experience in being treasuer for the society, and have dealt with donations for the society, as well as the finances for the annual Israel Tech Trip. As such I believe I am still suited for the role, and would like to undertake it again.

Noam Weitzman

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.