Bio Engineering: Social Events Coordinator


Naoise Twomey

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Sahana Iyer

Hey! I am Sahana and I am running to be your social events coordinator! My goal is to work hard to organize fun socials that to enjoy time away from the many problem sheets, lab reports and lectures to have fun and unwind with friends. I want to work hard to organise events such as our incredible christmas dinner and Mums & Dads, and many new events to the best level possible. I believe that my experience being o ...

Neo Perera

Fun and regular events throughout the term is key to a happy student body. The stresses of work can be overbearing, so it is nice to let off some steam with your friends within the course, as well as to meet and network with new people in Bioengineering, and that is exactly what I intend on setting up. As the AcademicRep for MBE Year 1, I have enjoyed planning events throughout the term. We have had events such as b ...