Vision: Publicity Officer


Andria Saji

Hi, I'm Andria and I'm a third year medical student. I would like to be Publicity Officer for Vision this year as I am looking to get involved with the society and being a very creative person myself, I would be able to use my skills to create posters and use social media to help advertise to prospective students about upcoming events and show current students about what the society is all about. Can't wait to get st ...

Shiromi Patrick

Hi I’m Shiromi and I would like to run for the role of publicity officer. Widening participation is something that I am passionate about especially within medicine and improving diversity within those who apply to medicine. Having tutored students for their medical applications and visited both primary and secondary schools to deliver teaching sessions, I have been able actively make a difference in the studen ...

Janine Dacanay

Hi, I’m Janine :) I’m a 4th year medic and in my time at medical school I’ve volunteered for a lot of different Vision events (e.g. UCAT/BMAT Day, MMA Day, Junior Medics Conference) and have really enjoyed each time!!! Vision does such an important role in widening access to medicine and I would love to help support the work the society does as one of the Publicity Officers next year. I’d lik ...

David Son

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.