Consultancy: ICG VP Operations


Jamie Moras

Hello all, I am Jamie a first year biochemistry student eager on working in the consultancy industry in the future. Over the summer I had an internship at the Blue Matter Consulting firm and I would like to bring this experience with me to the society. As Vice President of Operations at Consultancy Society, I would be committed to leading with integrity, excellence, and innovation. My manifesto is centered on two ke ...

Zong Junn Lee

As the Vice President of Operations in a Imperial Consulting Group, my mission is to ensure the success of our organization by implementing effective operational strategies that enhance our efficiency, innovation, and value proposition. I will focus on increasing efficiency in ICG's workflows by adopting the best practices, leverage technology, and prioritize project management and communication. To achieve this, I ...

Saloni Parikh

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Alexis Montet

Hi everyone, I’m Alexis, a third-year MechEng student, and I would love to be next year’s ICG VP of Operations! I’m grateful to have been involved in an ICG Project and I’m convinced that they are a great learning experience for everyone! I would love to use my background and experiences to help ICG run a wide range of exciting projects next year! Specifically, as VP of Operations, I aim t ...