Indian: Creative Head


Sabina Hassan

As a candidate for the position of Creative Head, I want to use my experience as Social Media Head at the Karman Space Programme and my deep understanding of social media trends to create impactful posters and reels that reflect the vibes and love we all hold for Indiasoc. My proficiency in photo and video editing will allow me to bring our ideas to life in dynamic and engaging ways to celebrate the diversity of our ...

Adithya Hubli

A society is a place for people to mingle and cultures to propagate and I believe exploring your roots is the most beautiful thing in life. If given the opportunity, I promise to add the desi touch to every event happening at the Indian soc, in the form of posters, promos, reels, never-seen events and more. The subtle aha, that hours of background work brings to a member is what I wish to achieve. Being an avid fan o ...

Shravan Sharma

Elect me next year cuz I was incredible this year.

Manha Awan

As a performer in EMW in 2023, I learnt a lot of teamwork and ability to improvise under pressure. Even without previous knowledge of dance, I found myself helping the choreos make changes to the dance which helped my creativity

Rohan Ooken

Namaste dear friends, I am Rohan ooken, I have a vast array of experiences that will aid me in my role as creative head. For example: • Helped make EMW trailer • Often make memes for the Hindu Soc chats • Was shortlisted among a wide cohort of candidates for the creative head applications earlier in the year and missed out by a small margin • Have since then taken courses and attended con ...