Acute Care Specialities : Secretary


Stuti Pathak

Hi everyone! I’m Stuti and I’m a 3rd year medic with a huge interest in anaesthetics! As current secretary for Sign Language Society, I’m familiar with the roles and responsibilities that come with this position and I hope to apply all my skills to create the best communication possible between committee and society members. I aim to make all ACS Society communications more engaging through an impr ...

Khumo Karas

After two enjoyable weeks on my anesthetics placement, this medical field has become one of my top choices for a future sspecialty. Perhaps it’s the high job satisfaction and it’s rewarding or the variation between patients and cases making it challenging and exciting. Either way, I would like to be Acute care’s secretary to help increase engagement with the society by working behind the scenes to m ...

Aliya Siddiqui

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Dhruv Vasooja

Hello everyone, I’m Dhruv, I’m a third-year medical student and I'm applying for the role of Secretary. Having a placement in Acute Medicine this year really helped me understand more about the specialty- the fast-paced nature and the complexity of some of the cases was something that really interested me. I was fascinated by the diversity of the patients in the AMU, and the problem-solving aspect invol ...