Oncology: Treasurer


Ivin Jose

Hi everyone! I'm Ivin, a second-year medical student and I'm excited to be running for the position of Treasurer of Oncology Society. If elected, I would: Ensure that all finances of the society are managed effectively and transparently, with regular reports provided to the committee and members. Work closely with the Sponsorship Officer to secure sponsorships and expand the existing sponsor network. This will ...

Viraj Kakhandki

Vote Viraj for Oncology Treasurer As sponsorship officer, Viraj has secured over £1800 in funding this academic year. This has been essential for the running of the society - particularly ensuring the inaugural Surgical Oncological Conference could occur at great scale. Viraj also played an integral role in the organisation of the Surgical Oncological Conference, acting as treasurer for this conference, b ...

Rehan Aftab

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Raman Venkatesh Venkatesh

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Saranya Das

I'm Saranya a third year medical student ! I am running to be the Treasurer of Oncology Society . Oncology and Cancer are one of the aspects of medicine which is continuously evolving with new research into the field being published every year. Understanding the science of Cancer and the ability of the disease to affect so many different aspects of the body's function is something which interests me greatly, which i ...