Oncology: Fundraiser Officer


Annie Alocious

I have always had a passion for oncology and would love to get involved in the oncology society this year. I would love to apply to be fundraising officer for the society. This would include doing bake sales and charity events to raise funding and awareness. I hope my organisation and creative thinking will be best applied in this role.

Aaron John

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Sheshpriya Gadiya

As the fundraisinig office I will be committed to developing creative and effective fundraising strategies. Firstly, I will work with the Executive Committee to identify our fundraising priorities and develop a clear plan of action. This will include setting specific fundraising goals and timelines, identifying potential donors and supporters, and creating a fundraising calendar for the year. Secondly, I will lever ...

Simrit Dhariwal

Hi, I'm Sim and I would love the opportunity to be the fundraiser officer for Oncology society. My interest in oncology was stemmed by an online course I attended - Inside Cancer. This course explored how genetics influence the development of tumours and the impact that genetic sequencing has had on patient targeted therapies. Following this course, I decided to further explore what other developments are being made ...

Adwait Joshi

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.