Mechanical Engineering: Welfare Officer


Anya Parmar

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Creyaag Rampersad

Wellbeing is a crucial component of MechEng, yet it is often neglected. It can shape, and hinder, our entire year. It has a massive impact on our social lives, and on our academic performance. MechSoc have contributed greatly towards our wellbeing, and it is this contribution which I wish to strengthen in the upcoming academic year. I have been wellbeing year rep for the past 2 years, and have worked closely with ...

Poom Chansilpa

In such a high pressure environment like Imperial mechanical engineering, we should all still remain to prioritise our mental and physical health above academic achievement. Before Imperial, I have had experience in promoting wellbeing and mental health in my role as the student representative for counselling for 2 years. Here is what I plan to do: Online Chatrooms: Admitting to problems like stress and anxiety ca ...