Design Engineering: Treasurer


Leon Zhang

Hey everyone, I'm Leon from DE2! I am excited to be running for the role of treasurer in our society. This year, I have been the president of a large cultural society, which has been a very valuable experience in managing a society's finances, sponsorships, and budgeting. I am looking forward to transferring this experience and working closely with the next DesSoc committee! If elected as treasurer, I will be commi ...

Jonathan Cheung

Hey I'm Jon! I'm a first year Deseng student. I'm Chinese but born in the UK (BBC). I love Soju and clubbing. I am confident that I can help our society to maximize our financial resources. Through careful budgeting and planning, I believe that we can organize more events and activities, and provide greater support to our members. I am committed to maintaining accurate financial records and providing regular updates ...

Max McCormack

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.