Endocrinology: Academic Officer


Bharneedharan Surendaran

Hi, my name is Bharneedharan and I am a second year medic running for the role of academic officer for the next academic year. I want to join the Endocrinology society because I have really enjoyed learning about the complexities of Endo through BRS and going to Endo conference. As an academic officer, I want to help create in depth tutorial for key topics in Endo and work with other medical students to create a que ...

Lavanya Murki

Hello, I’m Lavanya and I’m currently a first year medical student. I would like to run for the academic officer for the endocrinology society because I want to be able to organise tutorials and talks to help other students understand endocrinology in an easier and simpler way. I believe that if I get the role as endocrinology academic officer, I will also be able to improve my own organisational and leade ...

Annie Zeng

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Khushi Srivastava

Hi everyone! I’m Khushi and I would love to be your Academic Officer as I have enjoyed the endocrinology teaching and would like to get more involved in running tutorials. This year I have been involved in both teaching (Haematology, Immunology, Dev & Ageing) and the organisational side (promotion and logistics for Pharmacology). This has given me insight into the importance of communication in this role. ...

Ruhana Mahmud

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Yasmin Owadally

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Daniel Sanmuganathan

As soon as I started BRS, it sparked an interest in endocrinology, and it introduced me to the logical thinking required for medicine. I found the lectures enjoyable, but I noticed they lacked conciseness which led to reduced attention as the lecture progressed. As Endocrinology Society's Academic Officer, I would provide summarised, easily understandable tutorials which will share my own enjoyment for the topic. It ...