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Samantha Kwok

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Angelina Jia

Hey team, Let me explain why this community is something special. While walking around the welcome fair, I saw the football club and a part of me felt a tug to try it out. See, I have played football since I could walk, yet every few years I quit, vowing to never play again…but I cannot stay away, I love it. As someone who has quit this sport “forever” so many times, trust me, it is always the p ...

Rocio Mexia Diaz

I'm Rocio (you might have heard Roxy too) and I'd love to be Web Sec this year! I joined football in my second year and I hadn't played ever before, the first trainings TERRIFIED me but, now we have an amazing 3rd team and football has become such a big part of my university experience. I cannot imagine what my week would look like without football and I want all of the girls who wish to try football to be encouraged ...