Fellwanderers (Imperial Hiking Society): Co-President


Michael Sellgren

Hi everyone! I'm Michael and if I didn't snag your vote for my President candidacy, I'm running for Co-President so I've got another shot at winning you over :) As Co-President, these are my aims: 1) Increase the number of 'relaxed hikes' that we run. As mentioned in my President manifesto, I aim to run slightly shorter distance hikes in the first term which cater to our members who prefer having more time to ...

James King

In case you haven’t met me or read my emails, my name is James King I am the current secretary and now I am running for Co–President as well as El Presidente. If Michael or any of the other candidates running for President have made a better case I will still push for more spaces on hikes as co-president so we can get as many people out to the UK countryside and beyond.