Computing: Marketing & Publicity Officer


Kishan Singh Sambhi

T-Shirts. Banners. Posters. On the day videos. These are just some of the things I worked on as part of the branding team for ICHack 2023 - and, after many hours producing them, I am now running for MPO. Why this role? I’m passionate about using my skills to benefit the community, and want to bring my experience promoting events before Imperial to DoCSoc, so we all know about all the exciting things the comm ...

Abhivir Singh

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Mike Buzadji

Hi everyone, Mike here! I'm standing to be your next DoCSoc MPO. What are my goals? Transparency and inclusion of every member Clear and regular communications through a variety of platforms Good quality and fun merchandise 2-way communication between YOU and DoCSoc More collaborations and publicity support for other societies What's my experience? For the past couple of months, I've been already working ...