Algorithmic Trading: Treasurer


David Oommen

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Ylli Nici

Dear members of the Algorithmic Trading Society, I am excited to announce my candidacy for the position of Treasurer. As a finance enthusiast with a keen interest in algorithmic trading, I am confident that I have the knowledge, skills, and passion required to excel in this role. As Treasurer, my primary objective will be to manage the society's finances in a responsible and transparent manner. This will involve ma ...

Angus Leung

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Alex Ni

Hello, fellow members of the Algorithm Trading Society! My name is Alex Ni, a penultimate year mathematics with statistics student, and I am running for the position of treasurer. I have completed several school modules and attended industry activities to further my knowledge in this field. I am also proficient in financial analysis, accounting, and valuing, which will be invaluable in managing society's finances. A ...

Soya Shinkura

Do you ever feel like our society has the potential to do so much more with the money we have? Hi, I’m Soya and I will be running as Treasurer to ensure our finances are managed effectively. Of course, as a Joint Mathematics & Computing student, I am pretty good with numbers. But more importantly, as the former Treasurer of the student government at my school, I am also experienced with budgeting and en ...

Kanav Jain

Hi, I'm Kanav, a 2nd year Computing Undergrad. As the treasurer of the club, I will work closely with all committee members to allocate the society budget to various events fairly and efficiently. Also, I will prioritize funding networking and major company events since it will provide members with vital opportunities to explore and learn about careers in the quant field.