Pharmacology: Vice President


Vaishaanth Nagaraj

Hi everyone, I’m Vaishaanth, running for Vice President. Past Experiences and Skills I have held leadership positions in the past, including being the group leader of my A-level project work team, through which I actively listened to everyone’s ideas, making decisions best suited to my group’s needs. Furthermore, serving national service in the Singapore Armed Forces allowed me to interact with a ...

Ananya Jain

Hi everyone, my name is Ananya Jain and I’m running for Vice President (VP) of Pharmsoc! Firstly, I'd like to say kudos to the President and VP for keeping the society alive, and I feel the natural next step is making Pharmsoc even more present! I was on committee this year as education officer, and through this role, I co-created a tutorial series, designed promotion posts, and opened up Pharmsoc's Medall coun ...

David Son

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.