Pharmacology: Assistant Vice-President


Winston Tang

Hi! I'm Winston, a Medical Biosciences student heading into his penultimate year. I'm eager to announce my candidacy for the post of Assistant Vice President of IC Pharmacology! As a child, I was often fascinated by tales of all-encompassing medicines which cured all diseases and ailments, leaving the heroes of the story immortal. Though spring exams have reminded me of my own mortality, I still hold the almost-chil ...

Sudharshan Palaniappa

Hi everyone! My name is Sudharshan, and I am a medical student who is excited to be running for the position of Assistant Vice-President in the Pharmacology Society. I have enjoyed learning about the mechanisms of various drugs in my course thus far and wish to learn more about the field of pharmacology by engaging in the society. This academic year, I have been involved with the Pharmacology Society by joining the ...

David Son

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.