African Caribbean: Events Officer


Sinai Rhodes

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Vivian Sullyunna

Hi, I’m Vivian and I am running for Events Officer. I want to work towards making ACS an adequate support system as it was for me, through creating innovative, inspiring and stimulating events to combat isolation and neglect of underrepresented cultures within ACS. I am ardent about making ACS a stronger tight-knit community and addressing the needs of all members. I have been an active member since last year ...

Nissi Okine

Hi! I'm Nissi, a 1st Year student studying Civil Engineering, and I would like to be your ACS Events Officer. I would like to help the VP of events to build a community, having more frequent events to encourage interaction within the society.I aim to: Successfuly plan events ahead of time in order to ensure the effective communication of these events so more people can make themselves available Support the VP by ...