Oncology: Publicity Officer


Joel Stoy

Hi, my name is Joel and I'm a second year medical student and I would love the opportunity to be your next publicity officer. With a natural interest in photography and photo/video editing, I feel I will be able to thrive to create exciting announcments and posters which will help encourage more students to take part in oncology events. I know oncology will be exciting with the various opportunities like conferenc ...

Ira Upadhye

Hi, I'm Ira a 3rd-year medical student! I would love to be Publicity Officier for Oncology as I have thoroughly enjoyed being it this year. I am a creative person and can use my skills to make posters and various advertisements. I also helped out with this year's oncology conference which taught me a lot about oncology society. Can't wait to see what oncology society gets up to this year!

Shivani Welling

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.