MedTech: Promotions Lead


Anushka Prakash

Hello! My name's Anushka and I'm a second year med student. I would love the opportunity to become more involved with this society, as Medtech is something that I've always been greatly fascinated by. The events and posts are not only inspiring and fun, but extremely well thought out and I believe that as promotions lead, I could help spread more awareness about this society so that more people are given the chance t ...

Diya Arvind

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Laura Sum

Hello everyone! I'm Laura and I’m running to be next year’s promotions lead for MedTech. Why do I want this role? I have always had an interest in the enormous potential and impact that technology has on transforming healthcare/research. Having found this year’s MedTech conference to be incredibly insightful and inspiring, I believe MedTech provides an unparalleled opportunity for members to explo ...

Ria Kejariwal

Hi everyone! I’m Ria, I’m a second-year medic and hoping to be your next Promotions Lead. I’d like to be a part of MedTech Committee this year as I have always found the intersection of medicine and technology fascinating, and would love to share this interest with other like-minded students by promoting MedTech across the university. As Promotions Lead, I would like to take the following action ...