MedTech: Events Lead (Workshops & Speaker series)


Vaishaanth Nagaraj

Hi everyone, I’m Vaishaanth, running for Events Lead. My diverse experiences ranging from utilising bioinformatic tools to quantify gene expression in my research internship at ASTAR in Singapore, to participating in PlastaUK’s hackathon on innovating for the future of surgery, have made me passionate about augmenting medicine through technology. I have held leadership positions in the past, including b ...

Sahana Iyer

Hi! I am Sahana and I am running to be your next MedTech Speaker & Workshop Series Coordinator. As a passionate bioengineering student, I am very drawn to the field of MedTech, and specifically the power that bridging the disciples of healthcare/medicine and tech and engineering holds to revolutionise healthcare treatments and research. I want to organise talks and workshops so students, both medics and otherwise ...

Ruhana Mahmud

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.