Quiz: Ordinary Committee Member


Paphon Susikakosol

As an Ordinary Committee Member, I will: - Support other committee members running the society. It's been great getting to know everyone over the buzzer practices, and I'm sure I can work with everyone on the committee next year. - Find and promote pub quizzes. We love pubs. We love quizzes. Why not both? I'll keep a close eye on pub quizzes both by the Union and around London and promote participation in our socie ...

Justin Lee

After my presidency's end I am willing to continue serving the Quiz Society by providing advice and drawing on my expertise and experience. I will be happy to serve my fellows for another year.

Gus Redding

Hi, I'm Gus, a current first-year maths student who specialises in trash. And by trash I mean very low-brow trash. Accolades include somehow getting a bonus on furries correct in my first buzzer practice session, reciting the Navy SEALs copypasta up to "300 confirmed kills" and writing some of the worst bonus sets known to mankind. As an Ordinary Committee Member I plan to do absolutely nothing out of the ordinary, s ...