Infectious Diseases Society: Early Years’ Representative


Sudharshan Palaniappa

Hi everyone! My name is Sudharshan, and I am a medical student who is excited to be running for the position of Early Years’ Representative in the Infectious Diseases Society. In the aftermath of COVID-19, infectious diseases is a field that I have become keen on learning more about after witnessing the devastating effects they can induce. I hope to explore this area further during my time at Imperial and my i ...

Aidan Birdi

Hi! I'm Aidan - I'm a second year medical student running to be the Early Years' Representative for IDSoc! I've really enjoyed being part of the committee this year for IDSoc as the publicity officer. It's been amazing to work from behind the scenes and help the society! We've had many amazing events and collaborations this year and have many more to come! I have a great interest in infectious diseases and public h ...

Tanya Jayakar

Hi Im Tanya!! After a placement on ID I really got into learning about different infectious diseases and I'm particularly interested about tropical diseases! I've taught with MM and Meded before and I hope to help with all things related to early years and teaching!