Parkour, Free Running and Gymnastics: Parkour Captain


Chi-Yu Huang

Addressed to my fellow parkour lovers The world of parkour is big, varying, and wonderous. It is a world filled with different styles, different skill levels, and different practices. But miraculously, everyone from within this world can come together and support each other regardless of their differences. This is a truly one-of-a-kind community. In it, you never feel out of place. Instead everyone else is trying to ...

Rolando Charles

Hello everybody! My name is Rolando and I'm a first-year EEE student, I just moved from Rome to London this past October. Back home parkour was a big part of my week for all of my high-school years. The sport, the community, the creativity and the feeling of a good session have always been fun and exciting (as well as a healthy activity). Having moved here for university I was so glad to find a parkour and gymnast ...

Nicholas Fry

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