Neurosurgical: Academic Officer


Lakshmi Lakkineni

Hey everyone, I’m Lakshmi! I’m a third-year medic and I would love to be your academic officer! My interest in neurosurgery sparked from my placement in second year where I was fortunate to have an insight into what the speciality involves and the impact that it has on its patients. I really enjoyed the Cranial Neurosurgical Emergencies talk this year, and as academic officer I hope to organise more int ...

Laura Martou

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Shivank Khare

Hey everyone, I'm Shivank and I am running for the position of Neurosurgical Academic Officer. As someone who has attended various surgical events and who has a passion for neurology, I am confident that I would make a great addition to the team. Firstly, my interest in neurology peaked by attending neurological conferences such as Meeting of the Minds. This allowed me to see complex brain dissections performed by ...