Hindu Society: Events Officer


Ananya Sachdev

Hi I'm Ananya, a first year medic from India. As an international student, being a part of Hindu Society and attending their events makes me feel closer to home, and I would love to make other students feel this way. Hindu Society events are always fun, and I would really like to be a part of this team and help organise such events next year. Why me? - I have previous experience organising events at uni, and was ...

Anushka Prakash

Hi, my name's Anushka and I'm a second year med student. Every event that Hindusoc has organised has been done incredibly, as both the cultural and religious aspects are showcased so well, which is why I'm so passionate about it. Also, some of my most memorable moments at uni have been at these events, so it is important to me that future years have great experiences too. Some things that I would try to start are eve ...

Angela Benson

Paras said Aasha ball was terrible last year, vote for me and I'll make it better this year.