Sailing: Commodore


Teodor Tiryaki

My aims for next year as Commodore: Fix the 3rd flight of boats: ICSC has a 3rd flight of boats that are sitting on shore as they are all unsailable. This flight will be repaired over the summer to aid in training sessions, as well as possibly leasing them to events for profit. Restart Social Sailing: It is important to note that social sailors would not only sail firefly’s, they would also have the option ...

Don-Angelo Sfeir

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Dominic Williams

Hello Sailors! I am running for Commodore because, the club is in a really exciting position with loads of potential to progress, expand and cement its position as not only one of the biggest and best CSPs at Imperial but also one of the top university sailing clubs. Through my role as Treasurer this year I have been able to get to grips with both the complexities of running a CSP at Imperial, as well as what it tak ...